Located in the heart of Miami’s burgeoning Arts + Entertainment District, CANVAS will serve as a beacon for impassioned residents and visitors, who are serious about culture, community, arts and entertainment, eclectic dining and retail options, and luxury with a twist. Standing 37 stories tall, CANVAS will offer 513 fully finished units for the discerning buyer, who appreciates fine living within context. Luxurious yet approachable, innovative yet down-to-earth, CANVAS is true Miami living at its best.


The Filling Station, located at the central core of the Arts and Entertainment District (A&E), provides industrial loft spaces that share an identity with the neighborhood itself–raw and simple, but beautiful and bursting with potential. The Filling Station is the proud host of many of A&E’s events, including Rooftop Acoustic Sessions, which unfold weekly around the Filling Station’s rooftop pool. Guests enjoy cocktails and dramatic panoramic views of the city of Miami, Biscayne Bay and this burgeoning neighborhood. The retail space of Filling Station is poised to be filled with cutting edge retail and dining, which will further enhance the A&E experience, bringing world-class commerce to its residents and visitors. Filling Station Lofts are a testament to the rapid growth and seemingly endless potential of the Arts and Entertainment District, and the building is proud to be one of the cornerstones of such a unique movement.


The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will reflect the innovation and creativity inherent to South Florida’s richly diverse community. We are proud to be part of a burgeoning Arts & Entertainment District, at the crossroads of Miami, which will attract tourists and residents alike with exciting events and innovative programming. We had the pleasure of hosting our Galaxy Gala committee luncheon at the neighboring CANVAS sales center, located in the Arts & Entertainment District, a stunning backdrop for our planning meeting.

– Joseph A. Quinones, Marketing Manager, Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science


A+E District and ansa yoga have partnered to create conscious connections for the community by providing events such as yoga on the lawn. Drawing the community together with purpose enhances quality of life for all.

lululemon athletica

Community is the essence that elevates cities, relationships and the world altogether. lululemon athletica is honored to collaborate with A&E district of Miami to help “create components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives”. We want to explore, make new friends and build a platform for a greater Miami through yoga and wellness.


MRKT believes in the power of the creative community at large to identify, adopt and transform neighborhoods. In creating the branding and website for the Arts and Entertainment District, MRKT sought to help inspire Miami’s creative set to recognize A&E as its newest home–something that has already transpired.  MRKT is proud to be a part of the  the Arts and Entertainment District’s inspired rise.


It’s an honor for KIND Healthy Snacks to join forces with the emerging Arts & Entertainment District, fostering a sense of community, creativity and togetherness throughout the city. In fueling yoga classes, rooftop performances and other events, we hope to support the development of a kinder Miami in partnership with the A&E District.


The A+E District has such a wide variety of styles captured in an ever-changing creative neighborhood. In developing the visual/graphic branding for the A + E District Community Events, the versatility and uniqueness of  each event allows us to give each a personality. The events embody the community and range from indie, to artistic, luxury to grassroots but all have one underlying factor, cutting edge style.


​​The creation of the A+E District will give locals in this community access to unique gatherings that will stimulate innovation and creative collaboration throughout Miami. We are proud to be a part of something that has already proven itself to be amazing and it’s only the beginning… Cheers!

Live Modern School of Music

The experience we’ve had working with the A+E District has been like the synergistic bond of two pre-cut puzzle pieces. We’ve been thrilled to partner with A+E on a number of exciting initiatives to empower local artists to create beautiful content, and to provide live music for the wonderful events they’ve brought to the community. The strength of a city can often be measured by the bond found within the creative population. Unfortunately, Miami has always been a sprawling and scattered city, and this has had a profound effect on the community at large. The creation of the A+E district has already begun to provide a hub for forward-thinking, creative leaders who will advance our city through the immense power of creativity and collaboration.